We are an outfitter based in Jardine Montana.

About North Yellowstone Outfitters

Bill Hoppe is a fourth generation outfitter, and a fifth generation Montanan in the area of North Yellowstone Park, where his great grandfather was the first white child born in the territory of Montana.

Bill is a licensed outfitter and has been in business for over 37 years. Bill outfitted the Elk migration North of Yellowstone until 2009, when the herd of over 20,000 Elk was decimated by the introduction of the Canadian Grey Wolf to the area. North Yellowstone Outfitters now leases a 10,000 acre ranch in the Little Belt Mountain range just outside of Martinsdale, MT. The Cameron ranch is home to over 1100 head of elk that use the property for their mating and winter ground. This historic ranch has been home to the American Indian for thousands of years. Here you will find a buffalo jump, along with over 400 fire rings that have been mapped out by Montana State University. The cabins on the ranch have either been built by Gilbert Cameron or brought in as homestead cabins from other ranches and reassembled piece by piece. In these cabins you will find historic firearms, and buffalo heads said to be over 800 years old that are museum quality.

We operate in hunting District 540 where either sex is permitted under the general Elk tag.

The rifle hunts are 5 full days beginning around the end of October going through the week just before Thanksgiving. We take only 4 hunters per week and offer one on one, or 2 hunters per guide services depending on the conditions.

We also offer a Bow season that starts around the 1st of September and goes until the end of September.

The hunts are done on horseback, foot or vehicle depending on your ability and the conditions.

The accommodations are log cabins with beds, (however, sleeping bags are required) shower and full kitchen, and a full time camp cook. Guaranteed you won’t go home hungry.

Local game processing is available or you can take your game with you.

Schedule 2019

Rifle Hunts

  •   Week 1: October 26th through October 30th Full
  •   Week 2: November 1st through November 5th Full
  •   Week 3: November 7th through November 11th Full
  •   Wee k 4: November 13th through November 17th Full
  •   Week 5: November 19th through November 23rd Full

Bow Hunts

  Bow Hunts start the 1st of September and run through the last week of September. All weeks are currently available.

Our Pricing
The 5 day Elk hunt price is $4500.00 per person all inclusive except for your license and personal gear and rifle. You may purchase necessary licenses here. Licenses need to be applied for prior to March 15th 2019.
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Location & Route

Bill & Peggy Hoppe

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